Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mrs. Peter Rabbit by Thorton Burgess

It's no secret that I love Thorton Burgess.  We often "check on our little forest friends"  around the table during snack time.  My oldest son was 3 when I was introduced to his writing by the Blossmans.  We've been enjoying them for 8 years.  Just recently I discovered the books for my kindle for FREE.  That's right, FREE.

Right now we are in the middle of reading Mrs. Peter Rabbit.  So far we're on chapter three.  All of Thorton's chapters are short, making them perfect for a before bedtime read aloud.  Thorton Burgess laces his writing with humor and tid-bits of wisdom.

"Of course if Peter had really stopped to think the matter over thoughly he would have known that running away from one kind of trouble is almost sure to lead to other troubles.  But Peter is one of those who does his thinking afterward.  Peter is what is called impulsive. "

Though I haven't finished this one yet, I'm sure we'll enjoy it just as much as we enjoyed Grandfather Frog, Peter Rabbit and the many other stories we've read.

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