Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Ministry of Intercession by Andrew Murray

It's no secret I like to read and I like free things.  The Ministry of Intercession  is another freebie from the Kindle Store.   Andrew Murray lived in South Africa from 1828-1917.   His passion for prayer is evident in his writing.

I particularly enjoyed the style of his chapters.  Each chapter is titled with a description of how we should pray.  The chapters open with a scripture and close with a prayer.  Both experiential and scriptural teaching is included in each chapter.  It's a nice balance. 

I warn you, this book will challenge you spiritually.  It also uses lots of  "-eths."  If there is a verb, you'll likely see an -eth attached.  I grew up reading the KJV Bible and loved Shakespeare, so the language didn't trip me up too much.  One of my favorite lines from the book comments on the importance of prayer in our work:

Let us acknowledge how vain our much work has been owing to our little prayer.  Let us change our method, and let henceforth more prayer, much prayer, be the proof that we look for all to God, and that we believe that He heareth us.  

That's deep stuff, Andrew.  Deep stuff. 

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