Monday, October 28, 2013

Bonehoeffer: Prophet, Martyr, Spy by Eric Mataxas

I wont lie to you.  This one's a biggie.  I reluctantly checked it out from the library, wondering if I would possibly find time to finish.  As I began reading, I was immediately swept away into a pseudo Sound of Music world recounting the childhood of a great man and a great mind. 

My 11 year old read the first child and was delighted with the charming boyhood stories.  As the details of Dietrich's unfold and WWII draws nigh, the content becomes more and more challenging to process.  Perhaps it was the thought of how so many alleged believers could stray so far from the gospel and subscribe to Nazi doctrine.

I quit reading mid book for two reasons.  First of all it was due at the the library.  My account had accumulated a few fines (or enforced charitable donations as I prefer to call them) and it was amnesty week.  I could clear my fines by returning the book.

Secondly, I was saddened deeply by the book and kept drawing too many parallels between America now and Germany then.  Unthinking, Americanized Gospel has swept across our nation.  The Bible is misused and abused to advance politics.  I could go on and on.  Nevertheless, I became a bit of a doomsayer to my friends and family making constant analogies between Rome and America.

On lighter note,  there are references to farts.  And there are many personal letters, which I happen to love.

Purchasing and finishing Bonehoeffer is on my to-do list.  So is lightening up a little bit. 

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